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Outcomes are paramount

Arena captures large amounts of data about applicants and uses modern data science to help health care organizations improve outcomes by finding the right people for each role, in each department, at each location.

Not magic, data science

Arena data

Collect data

Arena collects data about applicants through our cloud-based platform, including responses, text, interactions, public, and other data.

Generate predictions

Then we assemble the most relevant applicant data to generate a prediction for each candidate in each position.

Optimize for outcomes

Our predictions are optimized for the outcomes you choose and are customized for each organization, location, department, and role.

Always getting smarter

The longer we work with our clients, the more outcome data we receive from their specific organization and the more accurate the algorithms become by using cutting edge machine learning techniques.

Instinct vs. math, math wins


The conventional way

Other companies begin by creating a profile of an ideal employee, focusing on the skills, capabilities, or personality traits that they believe are required to be successful. Then they try to develop a test to measure whether each applicant possesses those characteristics.

100% success

The proven Arena way

In contrast, Arena uses data about applicants, employees, and specific organizational outcomes, paired with sophisticated data science techniques to create algorithms that predict which people are most likely to achieve those outcomes.

“Our results suggest that firms can improve worker quality by limiting managerial discretion. This is because, when faced with similar applicant pools, managers who exercise more discretion (as measured by their likelihood of overruling job test recommendations) systematically end up with worse hires.”

Hoffman, Kahn, and Li, 2015. “Discretion in Hiring”, P. 2
The National Bureau of Economic Research

Focused on health care

Arena partners

When it comes to making people decisions, health care institutions face a unique set of challenges. At Arena, we understand these challenges and we have been working shoulder to shoulder for over 6 years with hospitals and senior living organizations to overcome them.

We have massive amounts of data on a wide range of health care organizations, their employees, and their applicants. The more data we obtain in the health care domain the more accurate our algorithms become and the better predictions we can make for health care providers.


Arena implementation

The Arena platform fits seamlessly into the recruiting process so as soon as an applicant applies for a job, Arena collects the necessary data to generate a real time prediction. The Arena platform is based in the cloud—it does not require installation inside an organization and therefore requires little to no support from IT.

Hospitals and healthcare institutions face high turnover among their employee populations. Moreover, the responsibility for a solution to this problem often rests with Human Resources while the impact of the problem is felt across the organization.

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